Not all SEO companies do business the same way.

Not all SEO companies are ethical.

Not all SEO companies will answer these questions honestly.

The Questions You Need Answering Before You Engage An SEO Company

1  How many years experience do the company have in SEO?
2  Is it possible to try out the company’s services without locking into a long term contract?
3  Are you dealing with an SEO expert, or are you dealing with a sales manager or an account manager pretending to be an SEO expert?
4  Are you being offered a realistic price? – If it’s very cheap, is it being outsourced? – If it’s expensive, how much are you paying the company for their slick salesman and how much for SEO?
5  Do they offer a REAL guarantee or is it so confusing as to be meaningless?
6  Is the company using the latest SEO techniques or are they still doing things that don’t work?
7  Who talks to you about your SEO job when you call or email?